Typical cuisine & Products


Sardinia is a beautiful and magical island, rich in history and traditions that date back many centuries. The colours and designs of its tapestries, the culture and art of weaving, the complexity of the local costumes, the magical rituals of local festivals and very unique recipes are still alive and enchant visitors today.

If you like savoury flavours, we are sure you will love Sardinian organic green olives, tomatoes, artichokes and varieties of dry sausage that are usually served sliced, paired with goat cheese, as an appetiser. You must try the tasty goat cheesespecorino cheese and salted ricotta.

If you prefer something sweeter, then you must try local sweets like tilicas; pastries filled with delicious honey and almond paste, pale and artistic pabassinas and delicious macaroons with a bitter almond aftertaste.

And who could forget the tasty seadas; delicious pastries stuffed with cream cheese and then fried, paired with strawberry-tree honey.

Slide arte tradizionale sarda

Sardinia also offers a wide selection of traditional art, including Sardinian tapestries. Choosing one is like selecting a modern painting: the colours and patterns make each one very different and unique.

Handcrafting ceramics is much "simpler" as the colours used are usually limited to the blue, azure and turquoise colours of the sea as well as abstract geometries and shapes from the world of plants and animals. These same shapes come to life thanks to the famous, ancient art tradition of weaving which is widespread throughout Sardinia.



Sardinian wines are just like Sardinian costumes, dialects and food: they change from town to town, so you will never tire of tasting them during your stay on the island. On the western coast, in Alghero, you can taste the delicious Sella & Mosca wine.

Continuing south we find Malvasia di Bosa and Vernaccia di Oristano, until we arrive in Santadi, where Carignano wine is produced in the Santadi wineries. In the southern part of the island we find the Argiolas wineries which produce the famous and award-winning Turriga wine, among others – as well as the Lilliu and Deiana wineries, just to name a few.


Heading back north along the east coast, we find the Jerzu winery which produces Cannonau. Heading inland to the hinterland of the island we arrive in Oliena, famous for Nepenthe wine, recognised and cited by Gabriele d’Annunzio, or Mandrolisai wine produced in the Sorgono winery.

Do not forget to visit the jewel of the Costa Smeralda, the Surrau winery, where nature imitates art in the eclectic style of the wind-shaped granite, where the best fruit is collected and turned into beautiful wines.