Land & History


From among the various tales describing how Sardinia came to be, we will tell you our favourite. Thousands of years ago, there was a vast continent called Tirrenide, covered with lush and green vegetation, inhabited by fascinating animals and a strong race of men. But suddenly, the wrath of God rose up against Tirrenide one night for unexplained reasons. The ground was shaken by terrible shocks; the sea was devastated by a terrible fury.

The waves were so high that they almost touched the sky and, unfortunately, beat on Tirrenide in a ruinous fashion, shaking the coastlines, invading the fertile plains. The waves rose up so high that they covered the rolling hills and higher still to cover the tallest peaks.

Slide territorio e storia
"Life in Sardinia is probably the best a man can hope for: twenty-four thousand kilometres of forests, countryside and coastlines surrounded by a miraculous sea are what I would recommend God to give us as Heaven."
(Fabrizio De André)

Tirrenide was about to be swallowed up entirely until God suddenly calmed his anger. Seeing as how a small piece of land was still above water, he rested one foot on it and managed to hold it before the sea swallowed it completely.

Thus it was that the great Tirrenide became an isolated imprint in the middle of the large expanse of water. For this reason the island first took the name of Ichnusa, which precisely means: “foot-shaped” and then subsequently Sardinia from Sardus, the Berber hero who arrived from Africa. Ichnusa, despite its small size, retained all the characteristics of the lost continent.

Sardinia is an island with a green heart. It features boundless forests of unprecedented beauty, pristine and paradise-like beachesprotected marine areas, navigable lakes, and marshes where flamingos nest and offer breathtaking rose-tinted views.